Decorating your home should be a fulfilling, exciting and enjoyable journey, in order to achieve the end result. Very often homeowners, fall at the very first hurdle unable to decide what sort of style and mood they are trying to create.

Rea’s approach to any new job is basically to be a guide to achieving the client's desires and to be the editor of their dreams.

At the beginning it is important to find out how extensive the work will be. Some projects may need a major surgery while others should be given a facelift.


    The budget is obviously a vital thing to discuss from the first. It is always possible to add to it later, but might be more difficult to cut it down partway through.

    Being honest about how you really want to live in the house, is also an important piece of information. Is the kitchen going to be bigger at the expense of your back terrace? If space is limited - and it usually is –what are your priorities?

    Accurately answering all these or even more questions together or on your own, helps to achieve a home that is right for you.